Hearing processing for Music app on iPhone?

There are iPhone apps such as PetralexMusic that do a nice job of processing sound so that headphones sound good for people with hearing loss. It is great because headphones and hearing aids don’t mix well for me. The problem is that apps like PetralexMusic are stand alone apps that will only play songs that are physically on the iPhone. I can’t use services like Apple Music with the PetralexMusic app. Are there any plugins for the Music app that will properly compensate for hearing loss? There are equalizers for the Music app, but they don’t work as well as something designed for hearing loss. Any suggestions?

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I assume you’ve tried Mimi music? Might be the same problem, but I’m not sure.

Thanks. Mimi has the same issue in that it will only play songs that have been downloaded to your phone. Apple Music can access any of the many millions of songs that are in its library. The problem is that the equalizer settings in the IOS Music app that accesses Apple Music are not set up for people with hearing loss. What is needed a “plugin” that would add the right processing for hearing loss to the Music app. Is there such a thing?