Hearing Pod?

I’m at the point where hearing aids are probably optional…but would be a good decision. In looking to keep costs down, I’ve looked at a NC supplier called Hearing Pod. They have 4 models which they tune to your audiogram with the most expensive being $895 each.

I’m considering buying a pair on their 45 day trial. Has anyone had experience with these??



advice =

seek professional Help, meaning get and audi which will perform all test
take impressions (you need training for this) and then prescribe
what is best for you based on your lifestyle and budget constrains…

I would also recomend products from the top manufacturers

Oticon, Siemens, GN and Phonak

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I definitely have to agree w/Xbulder. I’m not so sure that you need to loop your hearing health in with your ‘used-car-purchase’. If price is all that matters, then revisit the entire situation. 1 in 4 people w/hearing loss actually wear HA’s, and this is probably a good example of why. Due to the expense of digital HA’s, etc., so many people decide to “just get by” and settle for a product that does not fit their lifestyle, specific HL, needs and wants, and they end up suffering for it. Don’t forget, it’s been tested and proven that untreated hearing loss results is dramatic further declanation of hearing vs. those who are fitted and wear HA’s.
Take your time…there’s an old expression in my practice…“If my Patient can’t afford the very best, then get them the very best they can afford”
I assure you it makes a huge difference. Good luck

by the way the mid price HA are quite good,
often as good as the top HA


for example see the post on the extra,

i have read a few post of people liking it a lot

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