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during my search for hearing aids i came upon hearing planet. hearing planet is closely connected with connect hearing. the prices of hearing planet are online. their services are limited. today i was talking with one of their representatives. during our conversation she asked me what it would take for me to decide to buy aids. i explained. the location for her company to provide local service is eighty miles from my home.
i told her i had seen a couple of local audis and was not going to buy from them. now that i am extending my search, i will try costco first even if they are a hundred miles.
she hung up.


My first set of aids did come from Hearing Planet, and I have to say it was a big mistake on my part, why? Mostly because I did not really do my homework. And also you get stuck with the one Audi that you goto to get the aids, in my case I ended up moving and had to find someone else to doing adjustments and ended up paying every time that I had the adjustments made. So I lost my butt on my aids and the audi that I was sent to made out much better than he should have. Also I found out later I more than likely could have gotten a better deal from some other Audi in the area that I moved to.
But now I am so happy to be in the VA system and not have to worry about anything but making my appointments, and being able to explain my needs.

i think that you deserve as a veteran any benefit our country provides. but the being said, many veterans with aids don’t fully understand and appreciate the costs and frustrations the rest of us must work with.

your statement of being tied to an audi is exactly why i have been talking about unbundling the services from the cost of the hearing aid. bundling services with the cost of the hearing aid primarily protects the audi and explicitly protects the incompetent or bad audi.

It seems to be much better now, but the reason I ended up buying my first set of aids was that the VA took so long to rule on my case, and if I did not do something about my hearing I was going to lose my job and more than likely not be about to work in my chosen field again. As it is I was forced to retire before I wanted to because of my hearing. It is very hard to do phone support with a server hearing loss. I know it was only in my right ear but my left is not that much better.
The VA is great but they are slow at getting some things done. I also understand that they get a lot of cases from one just trying to beat the system. Hearing aids are so very expensive and I know that if it was not for the VA I could no longer afford them. And I know now there are VETs that are getting aids that have never had to deal with the real world of hearing loss.
I also know that the system is the way it is due to Laws about Health issues. And I have to say I also know that most of the Laws are there due to companies trying to pad their pockets. All you have to do is look at Health care these days to understand that. But coming from the Tech fields I also understand the cost of research and development for hardware and software. So I am against pirating both. It also seems to me that the best Audis that I have seen and used, mostly at the VA have all also had hearing loss and understands what we are talking about much better.

chuck, with their great buying power, the VA could set up an alternative program for vets who do not qualify for hearing aids through the VA but could pay for the aids themselves if the independent provider would provide fitting services. but i can hear the uproar from the private industry about the govt competing with private business. it’s a shame how unpatriotic our business culture gets when it comes to the dollar. as a business owner i am sometimes ashamed of my associates.

Gary, a recent FOIA inquiry disclosed that the VA is paying $330 for a premium hearing aid. Outside sourcing would be fiscally unwise.

ken, i am not suggesting outside sourcing. from what i understand, if you are a veteran and your hearing loss is not related to your service you cannot get aids through the VA.
if this is true, then i was suggesting that the VA create a program that sells the aid to the veteran through a local dispenser saving money to the veteran. of course the dispenser would have to package their services differently. or better yet the VA could dispense and the veteran could pat the VA. i was just offering an alternative by using a dispenser so that private business would not be threatened too much.

The VA sure did not help me. I went in to talk to the VA representative and he listened to my story. He then asked me what my income was. I told him and he told me my income exceeded the income thresh hold and so I was out of luck. I believe he said if you make more than $42,000 the VA will not help you unless you are retired from the military or you are getting a VA disability check.

I remember when I enlisted back in the fifties. The recruiter’s sales pitch included how you would always have the VA benefits to rely on. That turned out to be a bunch of BS.

i have read on other threads that if you are a vietnam vet, qualifications are different but i don’t know if this is true.

My dad was in in WWII and he has some of the same issue until we started talking to our state Senators and found and found out how to deal with it. I am not sure if you saw combat or were around jet air planes. My dad finally got in due to his being around the big guns. For me it was due to being on cargo jets in the 1970s. If it is possible try for service related, also talk to your states Veteran’s service reps. It takes time and lots of patience.
I managed to get service related for my hearing in 2006 but to this day they are still trying to decide if I will get any disability. I check it about every month and finally this week it has gone to decision soon but then it says that they need more information but I can not find out from whom.

People should check out Hearing Revolution http://hearingrevolution.com/ . I am not trying to be a fan-girl here, but the prices are much better than Hearing Planet and the service so far has been top notch.

As far as the VA goes, I’m disgusted that our vets are not treated better overall. We have money for illegal aliens, but not to help vets more. It’s appalling and ridiculous.

I for one have been treated great by the VA. Yes sometimes the wait can be some what long. But they have always been very kind and gotten the work and services done. The issue seems to be getting into the system.
That is not something you think about when you first get out of the service unless you are retiring from the service.
If I had been really listening to what I was told when I mustered out of the Navy I would have gotten into the system long before I did.

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sabrin, when you are discussing service, do you mean the audi or hearing revolution. aren’t the audis independent from hearing revolution?

The way it works is that Hearing Revolution will pair you with a local audiologist if you want to buy their hearing aids. I cannot hear on the phone so I have had my mother ask many questions about how the process works and I have also been emailing back and forth with Hearing Revolution. Their responses are always very quick and professional. The audiologist they pair with you depends on the hearing aids you are interested in. Originally I had inquired about a Widex Dream 440, but then changed my mind and wanted to trial the Siemens Binax 7, so they had to find me a different audiologist. The audiologist they sent me to is actually the best one I have seen yet. Very courteous and she actually is actually a doctor of audiology instead of just having a certificate. She didn’t try to upsell anything unlike the ones I have gone to before Hearing Revolution.

When you go to the local Audiologist, Hearing Revolution has already sent them all your paperwork. You do not have to pay anything. You get a hearing test and evaluation. The audiologist orders the hearing aids for you if they are suitable for your loss and you decide you want to trial them. The audiologist does not take any payment from you. She faxes the order to the Hearing Revolution and then Hearing Revolution will call you and take your payment. I think you can do it by phone or send a check. I paid via credit card over the phone. After the payment is processed, Hearing Revolution ships your Hearing Aid to the audiologist and you make and appointment with the audiologist to go and get programmed. You also have a years worth of support from the audiologist for support and programming changes that are included.

If during the 45 trial you decide you don’t want to keep the hearing aids, it is $75 per aid to return them. If you ordered accessories to trial as well, there is no fee to return those.