Hearing loss with loss of sensation


My granddaughter has total hearing loss in one ear the cause is a mystery.
She is 16 yo now and has had it all her life as far as anyone knows.
Thing is she recently told me that the ear doesn’t feel the same as the good one, there is a kind of numbness inside and she cant feel a cotton bud inside for example.
Has anyone experienced this?
Is it a normal side effect of hearing loss?
Are the audio and sensory nerves bundled together so if it was a virus both nerves would be affected.

Any thoughts much appreciated.


A change in sensation could indicate all kinds of stuff. She should go to a doctor and get checked out. They might want (probably will) to do some imaging.


Take her to an ENT for an examination. This is not the place for a diagnosis.

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Is this new thing or has it always been that way?

Hi Zephren

Its always been this way, she didnt tell anyone until now just accepted it as part of the condition.