Hearing Loss Treatment: Steroid injected behind the eardrum

Several years ago, a long time before I was fitted for hearing aids, my ENT dr thought my hearing might be improved with several injections of a steroid behind my eardrum. I had several injections, and at first it seemed to help. At that time it was considered experimental and my insurance did not pay very much at all.

My most recent audiogram, July 5, showed marked degradation of the hearing in my left ear. That audiogram was done by my audiologist during a visit when I was having some problems with my left (and only) hearing aid.

The last time I saw the dr, he asked me if I would like to have the steroid injections again. He said it had helped several of his patients, and now the insurance company does not consider it experimental. I am wondering if I should do this again? Does anybody know anything about this kind of treatment?