Hearing Loss Jokes

How do you all deal with the jokes about your not being able to hear?

When I fell last year I took a lot of grief over it. I was, well, not sober when the incident happened and after had trouble hearing. At first I took the jokes in stride, let’s face it I was quite literally a stumbling drunk and I wiped out in a big way. Guess that’s what happens when someone who doesn’t normally drink a lot tries to keep up with those that do.

It’s been a tough year, my hearing loss being only a portion of why the last 13 months have sucked. But my hearing loss has had the biggest impact on my ability to go out in the world and live my life. My friends have all complained that they don’t see me as much, that’s true, I don’t socialize as much as I used to. Not only is it exhausting, but the jokes are beyond old.

I know my friends and family aren’t making jokes to be mean, but I’m not sure why they do it. How do you all handle the jokes? Am I just being too damned sensitive?

Wow, pretty insensitive friends and family. I’ve only experienced that occasionally but I think I would have to push back gently at first and it would depend on the person. With some you might talk to them privately, with others you might come back with something like “you’re hilarious” (or some other comment to express you don’t appreciate it). I don’t think you can just laugh along with everyone else while feeling insulted. You haven’t done anything wrong, so don’t take anyone’s crap.

Maybe a comment like “if you were dealing with what I’m dealing with, you wouldn’t be making stupid comments or jokes.” I wouldn’t pull any punches. There is truth in the old saying that you can’t know what the other person is dealing with until you walk in their shoes.

I did hear countless jokes about my hearing loss from friends and family. I survived by my social life did not:p. I do feel for you Lohearn.
People do not accept easily that someone’s hearing loss. It is ok to wear glasses but it is different with hearing aids.
The worst is a lack of understanding from the family, they believe that when you have ha on you, you hear them and understand perfectly. My children are very hesitant to repeat what they said. It is going to get easier eventually, especially after fitting with HA:)

I have not received too many jokes about my hearing loss. But then again, I am 6’3" and played defensive lineman in high school and college. So not too many people are brave enough to taunt me!! :smiley:

What they really don’t know is that I am a gentle giant! But, I don’t tell them that.

I second what others have said. Tell them your feelings. Privately at first so as to not make it a public forum. But, if they continue, make it public and ridicule them. Nothing like shaming someone to get them to change.

say something like… yep, I can’t hear much… until I get my hearing aids. but, you’re butt ugly and that ain’t never going change.

I once made a receptionist at the Doc’s cry… when I said something like I’m deaf, not retarded when she was getting annoyed at repeating herself.

I found that my social life has picked up since getting my aids…Before that, I couldnt hardly hear the conversations, so kind of withdrew because of it. The jokes dont bother me…and even if it did, whining about “How would you like it?” would just get more jokes…in my circle of friends anyways…lol

People who I know well poke fun at me but I laugh along with them because things like that don’t bother me. Actually very little else does, as well. I am bald and wear glasses so I’m a fairly easy target but who really cares? If their intentions are well intended and they bother you, say something. If they’re being malicious, you can always come up with a witty reply. Try this: You’re right, my hearing does suck but I wear a hearing aid. Until they invent a douche bag aid, I think you’re screwed.

You guys are the best!! I already said something to one of he joke makers and they said they were sorry. Hey, the jokes were kind of funny at first, but a year later they’re beyond old.