Hearing loss in mid frequencies


I am 43 yrs old. I have a U shaped curve permanent hearing loss mainly located in the mid frequencies (40 db from 500 hz to 2 kz) bilateral, with tinnitus (like a white noise in the background). High freq is more or less OK (R 10 L 20 at 8 khz) and Bass is OK (R+L 0 at 125 Hz). I tried Phonak Audeo V, iX, and now trying mico Eleva. Audeo V worked well. I also found micro Eleva provides great results in usual situations. However in difficult (noisy) situations Audeo IX is believed to be superior, but I find it hard to notice. Any advice or other things to consider before making the final choice?
Is there a test procedure I should follow?
Cost is not an issue, better hearing is a top priority for me.


Purely from a personal curiosity, I’d like to see how the Starkey Destiny 1600 stacks up against those aids. Or if you prefer mini BTE ideas, the new Zōn.



Both of these systems should be amazing with your loss.

Unfortunately you do have a less ‘normal’ loss than some. Most of the research dollars will go to the more common losses. But a good digital system with plenty of channels should do just fine.

cost not an issue:
try these

  1. Phonak - Micro Exelia
  2. Oticon epoq XW

they are all that…

or siemens pure…

this are the top instruments, many of current users in this forum have gave them very high scores,

Well thanks, called my Audi and asked for a test of the Siemens pure, I will give it a try. Looking at the specs, the pure seems a more powerful device in the mids than the Audeo, which seems better suited for high freq loss.

As soon as I get a chance to try it I give you my feedback.

please put your review in the forums,
i have not read any reviews!