Hearing loss due to illness

Has anyone heard of the nerves being burned due to scarlet fever many years ago. My nerve damage apparantly happened when I was 12 and had scarlet fever then a relapse with it again. The wasn’t discovered until I was 35 and found out due to headaches.

I wear the Resound BTE, my hearing loss is somewhat unique and difficult to treat accurately. I have what is called a “cookie bite” loss. The upper freq are good but the middle drops down greatly and then swings back up. Loss is equal in both ears.

Here’s my delima. I have had these hearing aids for about 6 months and, as has been discussed before, they tend to slide somewhat out of the ear a little. But, I found out today that when I put pressure on them and push them farther inside I can hear much clearer. I assume that means I need deeper molds. Does anyone have any suggestions? I was told there was not much they could do about the slippage so I have just lived with it but it is annoying and certainly affects my hearing ability.


sometimes when fitting a slim tube the receiver slips out of the ear,
generally what you need is to have the tube slighly bended.
To have this effect, have your audi use a hair drier ask him to put in
on minimum when it blows hot air, for 2 second hold the tube in a desire position and then take it out blow it and let it dry - problem solve

dont do it yourself as it will void the warranty, so ask your audi to do this for you… i have done it a lot of times, but it takes some little practice


What can be done about depends highly on what type of mold you are fit with. The reason you hear better when you press the mold is twofold: 1. a smaller volume in the ear canal results in higher sound pressure level and 2. you are stopping any leaking and increasing the low frequency energy. If you are wearing a traditional BTE, a comfortable, but snug fitting mold should be attainable. I would recommend a skeleton or full shell mold with a medium length canal. A long canal would certainly help, but usually they are less comfortable to wear.