"Hearing Loss Cell Therapy" and "Tinnitus Stem Cell Therapy" available in Bangkok, Thailand


“Hearing Loss Cell Therapy” - Hearing Loss Cell Therapy - IntelliHealthPlus

“Tinnitus Stem Cell Therapy” - Tinnitus Stem Cell Therapy - IntelliHealthPlus

A friend sent me the link of this place in Thailand, it was making the rounds on Facebook.

Not flying to Thailand anytime soon given the potential dangers of “medical tourism” and of stem cell treatments in particular but I did inquire as to pricing and I’m wondering if anyone else on the forum has heard of this company. If I get old enough without an FDA-approved cure, I might try it.



Would love to see a pre and post Audiogram for one of their patients…



Preying on the desperate.

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This is not real. Do not do it.

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