Hearing loss and speech delay in 3 year old child

Hello Sir,
My nephew is 3 yrs old. We noticed he is not react or listen any sounds. if louder sounds are there then he will noticed like if we clap or any louder music start then he will notice.

As we noticed this problem we consult with pediatrician and they asked for BERA, EEG r/o LKS and MRI test. All the test are normal. Doctor said he could be autism child or ADHD child with hyper activeness.

We are not understanding which is the problem. He is babbling sometimes. But not speaks at the age of 3 yrs. Even not give attentions for if someone ask his name.

Please help me the right direction for treatment.

I’m not a Dr. But I can tell you that hearing and speaking go hand and hand. And by the age of 3 he should be speaking. But I also don’t think this forum is a good place to be looking for answers for a child. You need to investigate deeper. The sooner the better. Maybe an ent ear nose and throat specialist can help. I really don’t know

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So sorry to hear about your nephew.
Maybe @Neville could give a comment.
Good luck

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Is the pediatrician referring you to any specialists? Has he had his hearing tested? Your pediatrician has a lot more info than we do. I’d be asking them for more clarification of what the plan was or seek a second opinion. To me the question of whether or not he is hearing and ignoring or not hearing needs to be answered first. If his hearing is normal, then a referral to a neurologist or neuropschological eval might be in order. If his hearing isn’t normal, then he need sot see an audiologist.

Did more research. The BERA test was a hearing test and if it was normal then hearing is unlikely the issue. I would think seeing a Pediatric neurologist would be appropriate. Once you get a diagnosis, there are lots of support groups available.

Don’t know where you are located or what your school systems are like, but where I am any child 3 years or older qualifies for Speech and Language services through the public schools.

Lastly, I have a son who is nearly 40 years old now who had delayed speech and didn’t receive a diagnosis of high functioning autism until he was 11 years old. He is employed and living on his own. You’re getting a much earlier start on this than we did.


Thinking about this further. My advice was more aimed at his parents. Advice for you? Be supportive of his parents. If there’s conflict between you and his parents about how things should be handled, seek counselling so you don’t ruin your relationship with your sibling or sibling in law and also your nephew.

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There’s a lot of truth to what mdb says. Ultimately it’s the parents decision and may not appreciate outside interference. Tread lightly

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I think that this is appropriate advice.


IMO, support is what the forum is all about, and this advice is excellent, IMO. We can help with this, for sure!


QUESTION: Who is “we”? Are the parents treating this as a problem requiring relatively quick medical diagnosis, given the child’s age, or is there still some hope that "he may outgrow it "?

I’m asking, because helping the parents come to an understanding of the relative urgency of the problem is a great support that you could help provide because of the family connection. But - as members have pointed out - you may have to intervene vary skillfully and with caution.

It’s a very encouraging thing for both the parents and the child that they have caring family members like yourselves who are willing to become involved and help.

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Knowing from having a cousin with autism sometimes non verbalism and not reacting to sound is a trait of autism you should really look into getting this factor checked out and if it’s not that then there as to be other ways for what is going on to be tested


@LRav: You’re right on the money - the original post mentions other tests and speculation on the part of the doctor, but no confirmation of tests having been performed for these things.

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Thanks for answer. Actually I want some advice before go for deep investigation. Afterward I will take advice or will consult with audiologist.

thanks for answer. Actually BERA test is done from pediatrics doctor and report is actually normal. But the issue we found (me and my sister and other family members) is if we loudly speak or claps or anything louder are there then he will give attention. So we thought it is not ADHD(Attention disorder). he is not answering bcz he is not hearing. If he heard anything then he will give attention.

So the thing is if it is not ADHD then is it autism?? Like you said your son was an autism child. I don’t know the actual symptoms of autism child. Some doctors said autism child is calm and repeatedly bubble same words and all.

I don’t know where to go exactly? Do I go for audiologist? Pediatrics? Speech therapist? Or ENT specialist? For diagnostic.

Your help is much important for us.

Yes. We need to face this problem. We are trying to take advice from all sources.

Yes do you know any tests for autism child. Bcz as doctor said we go for speech therapy for autism child. But I am not cleared yet he is autism child or not.

Yes exactly. Do you know any test for autism child. Actually as doctor advised we go for speech therapist and started speech therapy for autism child. But I m not cleared yet is he autism child or not.

Your doctor should ne able to test for that, but I am not a medical professional. The parents, in my opinion, should be the ones initiating the testing to determine whether the child is autistic.

From i know it’s a case of the go referring the child for testing and then they will be assessed by a team who will observe the child’s interactions and behaviour and ask the parent what they have noticed about the child read reports from the child’s doctor and or nursery if they go to one about the child and then make a general diagnosis based on the observation’s during in the assessment period done by a specialist

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Do you mean the GP (general practitioner).There may be a bit of a language barrier here, so precision is possibly important in this instance. Sorry to correct .

Yes that’s what i mean’t sorry