Hearing Loss and Remedies

Hearing loss is a relative condition. There are several different variables in the process of hearing. Hearing loss refers to a condition where certain volumes and frequencies of sound may not be audible to an individual. Generally speaking, a person with hearing loss needs things to be louder in order to hear them.

Hearing loss occurs when one or more parts of the ear are damaged. The membrane that receives sounds and converts them into vibrations may be damaged. This means that the membrane is likely to be less responsive to sound vibrations. A person with this type of problem will suffer from impaired hearing. There are also other less complicated causes for hearing loss. If wax builds up in the ear, it can cause hearing loss. This is a temporary condition that is sorted out by cleaning the ears of ear wax.

There are also infections which can cause inflammation in the ears and in the hearing canal. These can cause hearing loss which may be permanent if the condition is not sorted out quickly. There are many natural remedies for hearing loss that can be employed by an individual. These natural remedies for hearing loss include the use of warm oil as an ear drop. Garlic oil is preferred as garlic tends to have anti-inflammatory properties. This can be done regularly for someone with an ear infection as it eases both the pain and the hearing loss. For ears that get regularly blocked, one can use a warm compress on the back of the ear.

This can help clear up some of the sinus blockage and can help with ear blockage as well. When one uses oil to clean the ears, one might tilt the ear 180 degrees so that the oil and the blocked material are allowed to flow out. After using hot oil, one may clean the ears with ear buds. This can help remove some accumulated wax. It can also help to remove some of the infectious material that is blocking the ear. Regular treatment of an ear infection with the use of such natural remedies for hearing loss is beneficial over the long term.

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This is DANGEROUS quackery. If you have an ear infection or suspect you have, you need to make an appointment with your primary care physician for treatment with modern anti-biotics and medicine.

Failure to do so can result in serious complications, including but limited to a permanent hearing loss. Self medicating with hot garlic oil is completely stupid, as is the act of giving this dangerous advice.

If you are experiencing a sudden hearing loss, and/or pain or discomfort in your ears, go directly to your doctor, do not pass go, do not collect $200. And most important of all, do not pour anything into your ear without the approval of a medical doctor.

That is not true at all.

One can have a temporary hearing loss caused by a blockage in the outer or middle ear cavity. Such a hearing loss should be treated by a medical doctor IN ALL CASES. Most natural remedies have limited effectiveness and while you are wasting time and money employing them, the cause of the temporary hearing loss could be getting worse, putting your health or hearing at risk of permanent injury. So one should NEVER take that kind of gamble.

As for an actual hearing loss that is permanent in nature, there are no natural remedies that can solve that issue. That is when you consult with a hearing professional.

If this had only a small germ of truth, pharmaceutical companies would put them in a pill and make billions. The only emerging technology that just may have a chance is stem cells and we are decades away from any reasonable success.

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