Hearing Loss and Going Swimming

I am interested in getting back into swimming, but the main worries I have with swimming are as follows:

When I swim, I obviously have to take my hearing aids out and I often get water in my ears. So when I am in the pool, I really can’t here much.

I worry that if people are trying to get my attention and I don’t hear them they don’t understand that it’s my hearing and not my manners.

When I am walking the streets in the city, I use a white cane to identify myself as having a vision loss, I wonder if there is such a thing for people with hearing loss for when they are in the pool LOL!

Maybe I am being paranoid? I usually don’t like to be in the pool without a buddy for this reason.

When I was younger. My mom used to mention to the life guards that I was deaf. It worked pretty well coz I believe on 2 occasions they had to get my attention.

When I say younger, it was when I was older enough to go in without my mom but she would be watching me from the seats upstairs. In my pool the walls are glass were the seats are so people can watch :slight_smile:

Tell the people in the pool and the lifeguard you have hearing issues and wear earplugs to keep your ears dry.

I guess I worry because I have visual issues too so I am afraid I won’t pick up the cues you know?

You should always be swimming with other people, so I would bet if you let someone in the pool know your hearing and visual issues they would help you out.

I guess that’s the best way

I have the same issue Castle81. I have to both take out my hearing aids, and put in earplugs, so my hearing is doubly reduced. I have been thinking of a way to solve this problem without spending $2000 on a waterproof hearing aid. If I were to make an amplifying waterproof earplug, only meant to be used when swimming (not all the time like a waterproof hearing aid), would anyone be interested? I mean if this is a real enough problem, as it is for me, it might be neat to develop.

Last year, when I first looked into the prospect of getting hearing aids, I was having ear infection issues. Turns out that was from water in the ear from showering. The ENT recommended getting a pint of rubbing alcohol and adding 3 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to it. Put some of this solution in the ears after water exposure. Displaces water and disinfects.

I agree that someone in the pool area should be aware of your physical limitations.