Hearing Loss and Federal Employment

I am a college graduate from a very good private school. I have a mixed hearing loss in each year and will be getting hearing aids soon, hopefully. I am going through my state’s VocRehab. However, I want to enter service with the federal government as a criminal investigator. I will not be happy working a typical job. I want to be on the front lines. Does anyone know of federal agents with hearing aids, or hearing loss? There has to be a way. In my thinking allowing glasses and corrective eye surgery but not hearing aids is a double standard.

Yes, I work with many federal employees and TSA employees, as well as Federal Marshalls, etc.

In all cases I have experienced, they do allow for a hearing loss, provided the hearing loss is corrected to a certain degree. The most stringent I have seen are the TSA requirements for security screeners at the airport. Yet, even with that, you can pass with a properly fit hearing aid set, provided you do not have a profound hearing loss and you purchase appropriate hearing aids.

PM me if you would like a copy of a recent TSA case we did.

Hope this helps you out.

Please post when you get your hearing aids and let us know how you are doing!

I am currently in the hiring process for TSA as a screener. My pre-employment medical exam showed I have a serious “high frequency” hearing loss. Immediately following this exam I scheduled an exam with an ENT / audiologist so I could better understand what this meant. My doctor confirmed the “high frequency” hearing loss and said it could be remedied with hearing aids. The “ticket shock” hasn’t worn off yet.

Here is my question - TSA has sent me paperwork for “Further Hearing Evaluation” and the paperwork contains the following requirement:

“If candidate requires amplification to meet hearing standards he/she should be tested using demonstration aids to assess his/her potential to meet the TSA hearing standards; however, personal hearing aid test scores and proof of hearing aid purchase must be included for medical certification.”

I can fully understand the need for me to have my hearing aids purchased, calibrated and working well prior to entering on duty; but it is a great expense ($4,000 - $5,500). Especially without a genuine offer of employment. As I have been offered conditional offers of employment at the completion of each phase so far, I draw a distinction as to the genuine FINAL offer of employment.

Certainly any FINAL offer of employment could be contingent upon proof of purchase of the hearing aids.I have a problem making a huge cash investment for a job, when i am not even certain that I will receive an offer.

Can anyone offer any insight.

Hearing well in an asset in just about all jobs and life in general. Think of the hearing aids as an investment in your future, no matter where it leads.

Yup! Too much!
If money is an item try looking at your State. Many have a division of rehabilitation that can help you. However, they do move slowly in most cases, but it cannot hurt to try.

As for your aids - First pair? Be SUE you understand what you are buying and how the features will help you. Also, be sure to TRIAL them as long as you can (even if you pay to get the proof be sure you have in writing the trial period details).

Can you post your audiogram so that we can understand what you are dealing with and hopefully others may be able to offer some ideas.

Good luck.