Hearing Loss and Dementia: Breakthrough Research Seeks Causal Link

Emerging research on the relationship between hearing loss and dementia reveals a possible causal link that could impact audiology and memory care drastically in coming years. Though the exact association between the two conditions is yet to be identified, recent studies have determined four potential theories for the biological and cognitive processes underlying the link. With further research on the horizon, researchers predict breakthroughs in the near future.

Read the full article: https://journals.lww.com/thehearingjournal/Fulltext/2019/09000/Hearing_Loss_and_Dementia__Breakthrough_Research.1.aspx

This is interesting. I recently had an annual hearing test, and my hearing has not declined at all. However it is my perception that I’m struggling more than ever to process words, learn, understand. I have wondered if I am suffering from some mild dementia, and wondered if having the learning process complicated by hearing loss might be, in part, responsible. However my dad was quite hard of hearing and was sharp as the proverbial tack right up until his passing in his early nineties. If there is a correlation between dementia and hearing loss, I don’t think it happens in all instances. Hopefully research will find a way to prevent both some types of hearing loss and dementia in the future.