Hearing loss and concerts


Hi there !

Is there any safe way to enjoy concerts, loud bars, parties and so on while having hearing loss ? Are you just skipping those places?
Everytime I am in a concerts, I am checking sound level with an app (which is not the most accurate way, but still) usually it shows around 80-85 dBa. But research on internet gives me another values, like 100-120 dB.

for example, I have alpine music pro earplugs, which reduces sound 17-27 dB (depends on Hz), but if the sound level is 100, I think I am still damaging my hearing.

Any ideas on best earplugs or any opininios to the topic.

THank you !


Get a musician’s earplug. You can get them online or at an audiology clinic. Essentially it’s a custom-fitted earplug that has a filter in it. Reduces volume to safe levels without compromisong fidelity.


At 85 dB for 8 hours hearing loss occurs. That sounds low for a concert. I have an app also and when I have been at loud functions I have tended to go home early if the noise level is going above 85dB. Ear plugs for hearing protection would be the way to go if you want to stay.