Hearing loss after a fall


I fell had two weeks ago, knocked myself unconscious and suffered a concussion. Since then I have been having a lot of trouble hearing out of my left ear. I went to my son’s audiologist and had my hearing tested. The audiologist said based on my results, and my description of the way I hear in that ear now, I have knocked the bones in the ear out of alignment.

Anyone else experience this? The audiologist recommended Mass Eye and Ear in Boston (I live in Massachusetts) to see if a repair can be done. Guess I’m trying to find people who have been successful in regaining some or all of their hearing after surgery.


I am not a doctor and I never experienced any loss of hearing after hitting my head.

With that being said, I would think a head specialist and/or an ENT specialist might be good, along with an MRI so they can see in there exactly what has happened.

Are you certain you are “out of the woods” yet as for your fall? I mean could you possibly still have a blackout, clotting in the brain, etc?

I take it you have been treated and are being seen regularly for this episode. If not, I would highly recommend it!

It’s been over two weeks and everything seems to be normal, with the exception of the hearing. Swelling, scrapes and bruising have all gone. Appetite returned too.

My hearing now, well, buzzes. The audiologist asked me “does it sound like everyone is talking like Donald Duck”? It pretty much does. When I talk, my left ear hums loudly with the sound of my own voice. Loud noises are almost painful as the hum and vibrate in my left ear can overpower what I can hear in my right ear. I hear my own heartbeat in that ear all the time now. It’s like the internal volume was turned up and the exterior volume was turned down, and all the sounds are passing through a broken speaker. Ear drum is perfect, audiologist, primary care doctor and ER doctor all said the the ear looks perfectly healthy.

My son has otosclerosis, that’s how I got in to the audiologist. Looks like I need a good ENT, audiologist recommended Mass Eye and Ear, they’re part of Mass General in Boston.

I am going to see Dr. Michael McKenna at Mass Eye and Ear on 01/31/11. I have to bring with me the paper from the audiologist and my CT scan report and images. Now I need to go to teh hospital and get the CT scan info, that ought to be fun.

Looking forward too finding out exactly what happened during the fall. Nervous too.


You are in my prayers!