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It is not true–complete because people with hearing loss or those who profit from them or those who love them have not adequately informed themselves. Unfortunately the ADA has no police except those who are disabledd and active. Otojoy has developed Loopfinder available on line and as an APP. David Mears was initially instramental in the Grand Rapids MI Area. He still works hard on advocacy for loops. Dr… Juliette Sterkens, AUD in Wisconsin discoved and researched that people with telecoils and places to use them are twice as pleased with their hearing aids. Lou Touchette started a Let’s Loop Tucson program here in Tucson. It takes advocacy. We got a bum deal from the US Access Board when they group Loop, IR and FM systems together. By their own standards Loops are installed.and it is because that feature higher initial cost but much less cost per user and far greater reception. One project where a large cathedral had an FM system and kept records of use over several years–I think it was 30-40 years and their was 1/5 average recoever checked out per service–They installed an induction loop and asked users to drop a note in the offering plate if they used the loop and the average use per service was 89.
It takes locall advocacy to get results. The only ways get on the loop lists on the internet is if the installer or a consumer reports it. Here in Tucson and southern Arizona the [Hearing Loss Association–ALOHa (http://www.alohaaz.org) www.alohaaz.org maintains a local list and information. We conduct demos, and are providing varification services–does the loop meet the IOS standards. Our state legislature chambers and hearing rooms are looped. The SkyHarbor Airport in Phoenix has committed to loop each boarding area when they are updated. The University of Arizona has been including loops in all facilities that use a microphone as they are renovated.

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I attend a number of conferences every year, psych/med/edu, in the US & international, almost all are held in looped facilities.

But, again, I do believe the new Bluetooth standard Will eventually take over.

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