Hearing in crowded restaurant

Went to Calhouns in Gatlinburg, TN. Dining room had rock wall, wood ceiling, and brick floor. Crowded and loud. I was at the end of our table for 10, facing everybody at our table.

Speech in noise program was picking up all voices but I could hear the closest two people. I tried the 360 directional program and it was better, and I could hear a few more people.

Then I changed it to front facing directional, and that was it. I could hear as well as anybody else and sometimes heard the person on the other end of the table.

I was pretty impressed how well I could hear. I’m going to use this setting more. Also, it helps to have the noise behind me. I was facing our table and behind that, a wall.


Thanks for this information. Are you still wearing Brio 3, Phonak Audeo B90 aids?

Yes. Phonak does a good job with the directional program. Rexton/Signia also does a good job with the directional thing. Not familiar with other brands.

My merry go round of trying different aids has led me to the Audeo B90 13 aids. With soft silicone molds and aggressive SR2 settings they are doing best. My word recognition is slowly getting better.
I will set up manual programs like you have done and see how that goes.
Thanks again.

Sounds good. I have been waiting for a long table situation to try the iPhone Live Listen to see if it helps for voices at the far end of the table.

Don, your experience at Calhouns was MY exact deja vu from last summer, when a group of 8 of us met up at a SUPER loud, utterly un-muffled clatterheap of a restaurant in my town. REAL energetic vibe that actually made me nauseous during dinner cuz it was SO LOUD.

I was lucky to read about someone who’d had “Speech in LOUD Noise” set up on their Phonak Marvels. There were other posts that talked about having just the speech frequency boosted on their aids. I RACED to my audi and had him do both!

I don’t think the Audeo B’s have “Speech in LOUD Noise” altho they do have “Speech in Noise”. That is my backup aid model now, with the Marvels being the ones I wear every day.

Hey whatever works for you - it’s always great to read about the successes and LEARN what works for folks, as we all know comprehending speech in noisy places is our Holy Grail.

I have high hopes for the AI-enabled aids if they come out in a big way, altho it would not suprise me if they didn’t chirp loudly in our ear: “GET OUTTA HERE! You’ll lose ALL your hearing! Leave NOW!” And then just up and quit working on us right where we sit. :neutral_face:

The Audeo B aids have both.

You are RIGHT! I just surfed up to the Phonak site and printed out the feature list for the B-Direct. The Premium 90s (which are my backup aids) do indeed have both “Speech in LOUD Noise” and even “Acoustic Phone” to my utter amazement. And here, I will administer a SLAP on my forehead, cuz my audi said neither of these were available for my 2018 B-Direct aids.

I will shoot him an email directly to ask if I can have them enabled on my aids now.

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