Hearing Improvement after not wearing Aids

I have had an unusual experience after not wearing my aids so often: Now that my wife is back at work (post Covid lockdown), I have been using my hearing aids less often. Before I couldn’t hear her alarm go off, but now I do -implying my hearing has improved some. Has anyone had a similar experience?

Yes, I can say the samething. My audi told me that my brain have forgot some sounds, and after using HAs my brain will “remember” those sounds again. My wife believes is just a placebo effect.


My hearing loss is different from either of yours, so I have different results without aids. I can hear most sounds in the low frequencies and some in the high frequencies without aids but can’t understand speech without my aids.

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It doesn’t mean your hearing has improved. It just means the brain adjusted to the the added amplification when you were wearing your aids. Now that you’re not wearing you aids it has readjusted to where you were at prior to your aids. It’s not something that can happen over night but takes a few days. Take another test and you’ll see nothing has changed. But put those aids back in and don’t be surprised if everything is very loud until you adjust again

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It would if you did not wear the aids for any period of time. With my last hearing test my word understand was better than it had been before, even without my aids on. But yes it is all about how our brains learns and recovers for injuries, and to be honest hearing loss is a brain injury in some ways.

I’m not so sure about the brain injury thing. The brain can only deal with the information it receives. If the ears are not sending all the information it’s supposed to send to the brain there’s not much the brain can do.

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Any way you look at it, it is an injury or inherited as my cookie bite hearing loss started out. And being in the service and around very loud equipment and noises turning it into an injury. Maybe not to the brain but to the nerves or data sent to the brain.

Nobody is disagree g with you. My loss is genetic and And progressive. There’s a lot of things I can blame for that. It’s just that the brain isn’t one of the of them

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My sister had ear infections, and mastoid surgery when she was about 5 years old, she has now got nerve damage in her left ear and even a CI will not her hear better. And she has all types of issues that require medications and therapy now and that surgery was over 60 years ago. She has never allowed that to control her over the years, and that has always made me very proud of her. My loss started with a cookie bite loss, some say it is genetic, but was never caught even by the Navy and did not show its ugly head until I was getting out of the service, and even then I never noticed it until about 17 years ago. The Audi I have now says he doesn’t believe my loss was genetic but due to my duties in the Navy, but who really knows. As for as I know neither one of my parents are grandparents had any hearing loss.