Hearing impaired pharmacist looking for transcription app

I work in busy pharmacy
I use resound in ear aids
I have both mult mic and hearing aid phone for cell and work

Can anyone recommend a good app or some device so I can have my patients or staff talk and have it transcribed on a screen?

Scott Sattler

Google’s Live Transcribe perhaps?

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I don’t know if it’s only available in the UK but my friend uses Dragon which doesn’t need internet to work.

  1. Live Transcript from Google for mobile phones

For pc based the following options:

Best is Dragon Naturally Speaking by Nuance.

If you have the online subscription of Microsoft 365, you can use the Microsoft Word’s Transcribe feature.

Google Live Transcribe for Android phones

Otter for any device, including on a PC

Microsoft Translator for any device

InnoCaption, designed for captioning telephone calls, now can share the captions to a pc screen

AVA works well on both Android and iOS.