Hearing gets louder for a split second when I burp (reverse curve related)


I am 41 and I have reverse curve hearing loss. I don’t wear HA’s because I am too damn vain. I also have tinnitus in both ears now, left is worse. Hearing has gotten pretty bad and it is getting difficult to function and I am just about at the end of my rope (I’ve said that for years now). If one more person I work with makes fun of my hearing loss I will seriously consider…ah nevermind. ANYWAY, just venting. The point of my post is that when I burp or belch, the kind of burp that you do when you are at a restaurant…the kind you keep quiet…my hearing volume will nearly double. If it stayed that loud all the time I wouldn’t have a hearing loss. Does anybody know what’s going on or has anybody else experienced this.

A little more background…My hearing loss is hereditary from my mothers side. I have a brother and sister that wear HA’s and my mother did also. Also have an aunt( mothers half sister) that seems to have the loss. She had went to a doctor years ago and he informed her that the bones (the three little ones) were becoming calcified and were not transmitting the lower frequencies, kinda like a "high pass " filter I guess. Has anybody else heard of this?? When I burp a certain way, are the innards of my ear somehow bypassing the three bones for a split second or is it just an “ear popping” pressure equalization thing going on there.

Any help, comments, advice is greatly appreciated.
Also, if there is a better area on this board for this question…feel free to relocate it.

Thank you, Tom