Hearing frustration & worry

Hi All

New to the board but I feel this maybe the only place that i’m likely to get a good response from fellow sufferers.

Last year I noticed that I couldn’t hear as well and decided to get a hearing test done. That was nerve wracking as when I was 9 I was told I had problems but nothing transpired.

Anyway I’ve been told my hearing loss is one where I can’t hear the low sounds but can with the higher notes and when its noisy i’d struggle too.

I’ve had a CT mastoids scan and awaiting results (due to go to the hospital on the 23rd). I’ve already been told I need a hearing aid. I’m absolutely dreading hearing the results.

Now I don’t know if i’m being silly but I feel rather embarassed about the fact of wearing a hearing aid. I’d choose not to given the choice! But I know in order to hear better i’ll need to swallow the pride pill!

I’m in a relationship and sometimes my partner gets frustrated when I don’t hear him. I’d hate it to damage what we have but sometimes I go into another world where I shut off sounds around me. Is this normal?

I know I need to stay strong and deal with the situation but i’m actually finding it terifying so much so I know i’ll have tears in the hospital - generally i’m a very strong person.

Just wondered if these emotions are normal and how people have dealt with their own situation.

Yep, sounds pretty normal. I’m not sure of all the steps but it usually starts with “Oh my gosh, I have to wear a hearing aid?” then “no one must know” to " I guess I will tell my friends", to “who cares”.

The new hearing aids are so small they are generally not noticed and if you have enough hair to cover your ears then they are invisible.

The mental part is more of an issue than the technical part. It takes some time to deal with the fact of having a “condition” that can’t be helped, only managed. But, eventually it’s just another thing, like flat feet or allergies. It will be ok, it’s really not so bad, especially with the great new aids out there. I can’t feel the aids on my ears, the sound is great, so I truly don’t notice anything from the time I put them in until late at night when I take them out. But it takes some adjustment to get to that point.

I was born that way, so I haven’t experienced what you’re saying. But it does seem normal to me, all the things you’re feeling.
If you’re concerned with what everybody will think when they see you hearing aids, (which I think is a worry that will not last much) I can say that actually no one, unles I tell, realizes I wear aids. And I wear BTE, which are not supposed to be tiny or invisible. But you know, they are BTE, behind the ear, and my ears are behind my hair =D The are lots of other options, including ones that are completely inside your ear, so this should not be your worries.

I only think you should be prepared: to get used to aids is not always a simple or easy thing to do. It requires patience, time and good professionals. You should accept that you have this loss and deal with it the best way you can. I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine, and that you will be able to go through all this and actually have your quality of life improved.

I have short grey hair (what little hair is left). No one has ever said, you have hearing aids. I have been wearing them for just about a year. I have a friend who I see about once or twice a week, she is having hearing problems and was worried about big hearing aids. I took one of mine off (BTE style) and showed her and she said, “wow I did not even know you wore aids”. Again, I am a guy with very short hair (about 60% gone) and she did not even notice them. Dont worry, get your aids, and start hearing again.

I had been wearing open fit BTE aids for a few years. I recently ordered a soft mold for my right ear to improve my hearing. The soft mold has the standard size plastic tubing, that is more noticeable than the slim open fit tube. I don’t think anyone noticed I was wearing aids until I went to the standard tube.

I had made up my mind that I don’t care what other people think, it is my hearing problem. I am going to try to correct it the best I can. I wish that I handled wearing glasses the same way. I needed them when I was a teenager, and really put off wearing them full time until I was about 50. Stupid vanity thing.

You do what you need to do to live life to the fullest. It is your life, you should not let vanity affect your quality of life.


My hearing aids are sooo unnoticeable that I’ve actually had people try to argue with me when I told them I had hearing aids. And I’m an old geezer with short hair.

My advice. Rather than try to hide the fact just boldly tell people. When they realize you’re at ease with having hearing aids, how dare they do anything but affirm that’s ok.

Thankyou to all of you, I feel a bit more normal :smiley:

I’ve worn glasses since I was a kid so the hearing is just another condition I need to live with, sounds so simple and logical but I just seem so much more sensitive about the ears.

I think on my left ear i’ll be having the ones that go behind the ear with the clear tube. As my hearings worse on the right i’m praying I can opt to have the ones that go inside the canal which are invisible - that would be perfect, something i’ll have to get privately but if its an option then who cares.

Do the hearing aids bring your hearing to the level of someone who doesn’t have hearing problems?

Beside using a hearing aid, are there any natural remedies for hearing losses? Or things to avoid?

Good question.
All I know is the 1 thing i’d like to do I can’t…suba diving. I’ve heard that can ‘pop’ your ears so I think i’ll stick to snorkelling :smiley:

Your hearing will never be what it is for someone without a hearing disability, but with the HA’s available today, it will quickly get to the point where what you hear is your “normal”, and the only time you will notice your loss is when you remove the aids at night. That being said, when I wear my HA’s my wife is always telling me to turn UP the TV volume (and she has normal hearing!)
I have had my HA’s for over 6 years and did not wear them much - for a variety of reasons. It wasn’t until my boss asked me to start wearing them at work a few months ago that I realized exactly how much I was missing.
I am actually looking forward to my Costco appointment on Monday to trial some new HA’s! I sure couldn’t have said that 6 years ago when I got this first pair! Perceptions change.