Hearing Fatigue

I explained right from the get go that my experience was with hearing aids and not with implants. You probably need to speak to your audiologist you use for your implants. Sorry for any confusion

Kathy your hearing fatigue is very real, especially when you don’t understand much speech through the processor. You are concentrating so hard to try to determine words that you overload your brain and fatigue sets in.


Hi Kathy,

I don’t have CI’s, but I’ve had hearing aids since I was 9 (I’m almost 28 now!). What I will tell you is that hearing fatigue is very real, and it’s okay to feel overwhelmed and tired from all the new sounds and everything. In the world of audiology, everyone needs time to acclimate or get used to new sounds, or things they have not heard before. When my hearing aids were first turned on at the age of 9, I fondly remember hearing the clock in the audiologist’s office ticking. I didn’t know clocks could tick!

If you feel you need to take a break and shut off your processor, absolutely by all means turn it off and recover, but remember to keep going at it and eventually you’ll get there to wearing it all day. It just takes time!


That’s what I heard when they turned on my CI. The clock ticking… tick… tick… funny how it stands out. There must be something about that sound in a quiet room.

You should watch the interviews posted on https://cochlearimplantbasics.com/. Hearing breaks are very important.

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