Hearing deprivation

  1. Anyone has information about HEARING DEPRIVATION approach to improving hearing loss?
    I read info about depression deprivation. Why not hearing?

  2. I have tested my ears second time after 1 year. I did not use any HA.
    Guess, what was the result? Take in account that all audiologists keep repeating, claim, hypnotizeб inspire you mantra: “HA has to be weared all the time. As longer as better. Until you’ll get dependant and can not exist without it. Or you will lose your hearing”
    The answer is- my hearing remained the same or even slightly better. But the accuracy of the measure is not sufficient to say that abstain from HA is recommended.

I could imagine the ability to detect sounds would maintain or improve slightly. I think the ability to make sense of them can only decline if the brain is not getting the stimulation. By comparison to many, your loss is not too bad. I imagine you can get by ok in a lot of situations.

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