Hearing Care Solutions taking advantage of Medicare?

First post!

I’m getting SSDI because I’m disabled. When choosing my Medicare Advantage plan my primary focus was on hearing aid coverage. I found a Plan through Anthem that allows $3000 per year for hearing aids. They vend through Hearing Care Solutions who’s website says they have over 4500 locations and saved an average $1500 per aid for their customers in 2019 with a 98% satisfaction rate. And as they dispense Oticon, which is what I like, it seemed to be a good choice.

So I made an appointment with an audiologist in their network and was shocked to discover they are selling Oticon OPN S1 miniRITE for $4750.00 EACH! This is $1400 more than the current average in the SF Bay Area.

When I called them they said they are charging market rate and Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price.

It seems to me that they are taking advantage of people on Medicare and the government. Does anyone here know about Hearing Care Solutions and how they can get away with charging an obscenely inflated price for hearing aids?

BTW I definitely want to stay with Oticon HAs