Hearing and Speech


As I have more difficulty hearing words, some people are telling me that they have difficulty interpreting my speech; they claim my words are somewhat mumbled Can this be happening?. For instance, I tried telling somebody about a woman named Bonnie, and they thought I was talking about someone named Barney, who they didn’t know…

George R.



I have heard of this happening. It happens to toddlers while learning to speak if their ears are plugged or not hearing correctly.
Recently my son said I still speak clearly even thought I can’t hear worth a nickel.
Curious to hear what other members say.



This is an interesting topic.
Growing up, my father often told me I didn’t speak clearly. Of course I sounded fine in my head. Coincidentally, I also had several ear infections and it was frequently reported that maybe I wasn’t hearing very well. And a couple times I had the tubes put in to drain things or something.
Then, years later, my fathers siblings have worn hearing aids for a number of years so maybe his hearing wasn’t very good either.
Then later on, if I play back something like my voicemail recording, I think I sound so nasal.
Fast forward now…I’m in hearing aids and this topic…yeah…very probable.
Maybe a life long hearing affected speech “impediment”.



Your audiogram does not support degradation in your speech quality. Likely just one of those instances where you mumbled. If it is not an ongoing pattern, don’t worry about it.

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