Hearing and soft speaking voices and health issues


I had a chance to trial the Sonic Enchant 100 about a year ago. I wrote a review about it on this forum. It’s a very clever HA model as well and does many things automatically, is adaptive, and effective. I like it a lot. Its default program does automatic sensing of the environment and makes on the fly adjustments to vary compression, directionality and noise reduction to give you the best results. Sounds very much like what you described for the KS8 and Brio 3 above.

One thing I notice that its default automatic program assumes is that the user doesn’t like droning noise. So when the sound environment is appropriate, it tries to reduce this droning noise for you. For example, I’d be sitting at my desk typing on my loud keyboard, with a small (but noisy) fan blowing on the desk. While I type on the loud keyboard, I hear the fan going on. When I stop typing on the keyboard, I hear the noise fan reduced (due to the noise reduction of the Enchant kicking in in a more quiet environment). Then I resume typing and the fan noise comes back to life, because the clicking of the keyboard opens up the soundscape, letting the fan noise through again.

If this had been the OPN, and me doing the exact same thing, I wouldn’t hear the fan noise coming and going as I start and stop typing. It’d be as if the fan noise is always there and never left. That’s just to show the extreme of the how Oticon decided to make the OPN open. Whether this is a desirable thing or not depends on the user preference.

Like Neville said earlier, which I concur, I do wish that some day Oticon will let the user choose to switch in and out of the open mode if desired.

The automatic sensing and switching to different modes/programs is pretty popular and seems to work well for many people. But it’s not without some issue, especially if it’s not fast enough and people can sense it hunting back and forth or in and out of programs. I did sense this hunting going on when I was in the car driving wearing the Enchant 100 with people talking in the car



FYI to whom ever may be interested. Spent 6 hours traveling by car today. Listened to classic radio on Sirius in the Widex Evoke 440 universal program. Back to back suspense episodes were on along with some others which are all speech. When the actors spoke the road noise was muted. When there was no voice the road noise returned to the regular program level. I did a bit of an experiment. I adjusted the fade fully to the rear with the front speakers silent. Same thing. Ambient noise was muted and voice accentuated.

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That is so funny. My Audi said it’s part of concentrating on the other person while talking which is where your brain comes into play. I still don’t get it.



Heh. I thought it was the amount of concentration required to hear that aids were meant to reduce.

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What is OPN are you talking about open domes?



@szcas3, OPN is a brand/model of hearing aid that is manufactured by Oticon. You can read reviews about it here on the hearingtracker.com site. Hope this helps.

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Thank you, it did help.

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