Hearing Amps


Hey everyone check out this company ZVOX they have sound bars with hearing aid technology and aparently just released a OTC hearing Amp.

ZVOX Announces The VoiceBud VB20 – A Full-Featured High-Performance Hearing Device ... Without the High Price | Benzinga

Very interesting !



I am a PSAP fan. Not too much love for them around here, but for typical age-related high-frequency loss, the generic devices can do pretty well, and they are getting fancier every year.

Nice to see these, they check a lot of boxes for a PSAP.

I have the Nano HCR2, and my mom has the Nano model X. She says they are better than her previous $4k set of HA’s that broke after 3 years.



I would agree that there might be a certain amount of snobbery over PSAP’s and other OTC products. There may even be some snobbery over those that get HA’s from Costco too.

I think a lot of people also like some optional connectivity available to them. Or an app to control them. Things like that. A member here really likes his Sound World Solutions product which has bluetooth to one ear at a time and an app. Very interesting.



I’m a bit curious about what they mean when they say “registered with the fda”.



I only find it interesting because their speaker products are really good and I can imagine their PSAP would do just as good.