Hearing aids won't stay in

I’m going on seven weeks with KS6, and after last adjustment two weeks ago, the problems I’ve had in noisy environments or talking to soft spoken people has been greatly reduced. Not perfect, but tolerable. Biggest problem is keeping the receiver in the ear canal. I have open domes. I’ve tried a sports lock and they’re not working. I made an appointment this Wednesday to have custom molds made. The HIS at Costco just sent me a set of power domes to give me an idea of what my aids will sound like when I go to occluding like molds. Can’t they make molds that are open in the center to allow most of my hearing that doesn’t need help bypass the hearing aids, or is there another option? BTW, in the brief two hours that I had the power domes inserted I had no problem with them staying in the ear canal.

The earmolds can be made with vents, so they won’t be as occluding as double domes. You can ask your Costco fitter to specify largest vent possible (space permitting) on the order form.

Thank you.

I’m having the same problem with my KS6 that I got on Friday, it’s my first pair. Got some sport locks put on them Saturday, but it hasn’t really helped. Are the custom molds extra at Costco? It has really been distracting me since I got them that they keep sliding out some.

I had the same problem, but have the dorms that are split (tulip)and they have solved the issue for me.

There are different size open domes, I think 6, 8, and 10 mm. Also, the receiver wire length can affect retention (too long or too short). The wire should be just long enough that with the hearing aid body in the proper position, the wire should go down right up against your head, and turn into the ear canal with no extra space, The curve in the receiver wire should fit right at the opening of the ear canal, making a 90 degree turn with no stress, holding the wire close against your head. Extra space between the wire and your head means it is too long. If the bend in the receiver wire is getting pulled straighter with the curve going up (instead of making a true 90 degree turn with no stress) and biting into the edge of the canal, it is too short and will pull the dome out.

Wire length is the usual culprit per above even if the domes are properly fitted.

With me, my tulip domes only slide out when I’m flapping my jaws like when eating or chewing gum. Otherwise, they stay in pretty good. Is it still the wire?

+1 on wire length. My first receivers were Phonak medium length and seemed to have extra wire that did not comform to my ear. Even with reforming the curvatures of the wire they tended to flex and move around in the canal. Also, the way the wire conforms to your ear is important.

Upon changing to shorter wires with no extra “slack” they now sit in place and don’t tend to move. In my case, the longer wires tended to push the receivers too deep in the ear canal, not pop out. Yours should conform carefully to you ear and be the right length before I personally would consider earmolds.