Hearing Aids should be a team approach



There is a common misconception about what to expect after purchasing a hearing aid. You do NOT just put them on and suddenly the world starts sounding clear. Learn about my team approach to hearing aid fittings in my new blog: https://www.compasshearing.com/single-post/What-to-Expect-After-Purchasing-a-Hearing-Aid—Its-a-Team-Approach

I would love to hear your feedback about my team approach to hearing aid fittings!


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Thanks for the feedback! We will definitely work to fix this to make our blogs easier to read.


That approach is all very well on paper. But in practice I’ve yet to find an Audiologist that will truly listen to what I’m saying.


I understand where you are coming from but if you wouldn’t mind making the drive to West Texas then I would love to have the opportunity to prove that there are Audiologists who listen and truly care about the needs of their patients. Don’t take my word for it, please read some of the reviews directly from some of my patients: https://www.compasshearing.com/reviews


Didn’t know there was a highway from Australia to West Texas :smiley:


@Abarsanti if only one did exist, it would take a month of Sunday’s to drive to West Texas though :joy:


This is not an advertising forum.


rather doing all this lengthy old fashioned things it should be on real place adjustments like on home. rather on office. merely adjusting in office wont prove beneficial. office is noise controlled soundproof wall so will not reflect true hearing.
answer to your second question. majority of HA wearers are experienced. so no question of learning to new sound.even if they are new not kid that have to learn how to hear so if gains are proper they will hear immediately especially experienced HA wearer.


Not trying to advertise, my original post was asking for feedback about my teamwork approach to hearing aid fittings.


i provided addition to make it effective. it will reduce your time and frequent fine-tuning visit. i think every audiologist use car in us so it will be easy to carry professional equipment’s to home of patient:sunglasses:


Having worked in retail previously for quite a number of years, I’d say it comes across as ‘waffle’.

In essence, most of it is common sense, but for me, it’s too ‘American’ sounding to my British ears.

As previously mentioned, some of it sounds quite condescending. Many on here are extremely knowledgeable and frankly the ideal would be to do the adjustments in a real world environment.

The most important thing about follow ups is that you’re local to the customer. It’s a bit of a faff to have to go back.

Mobile adjustments would be more useful than visiting an office.


you still need first fit at office:joy::rofl:


you better be thick skinned around this forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


My audiologist does the same thing. I appreciate you putting your follow ups on paper so the patient sees what will happen. As a musician my audi has me bring in my instruments to play in the office and we fine tune in those sessions. I feel fortunate to have someone who really cares.


All My Ex’s Live in West Texas (right behind the Pizza Hut) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I think she rebuilt the site.


Yes, I rebuilt the site and opened back in March 2017. Here’s an updated picture of Compass Hearing Center:


Thank you all for the feedback about my teamwork approach to hearing aid fittings. My clinic is located in a small town in West Texas so many of my patients are elderly and actually prefer to come to my office to have a hands-on approach. From the feedback I’ve received from my patients, I don’t think a mobile service would be successful here but I could see how it would succeed in larger cities.
Thanks again everyone, I appreciate your comments!


That’s no joke! Tough crowd. :wink:


I’m with Don. I can’t shake the feeling that this thread is more towards self-promotion and maybe should be in the Audiologists and Hearing Aid Dispensers category.