Hearing aids seem to be not working as well - what to do



I am wearing a used pair of Halo i110 hearing aids I got a year ago from ebay and copied the programming from my old aids to this set using the software and wireless programmer. They have been working fine for six months but do not seem to be working as well now. I’ve changed the batteries (of course) and changed the wax guards. I’ve opened them up to see if any dust or dirt is clogging the microphone ports. I’m not seeing any issues. I ordered a set of new snapfit receivers (a cheap thing to try, $50 for 2 on ebay), but I would not think that would be the issue. I have checked the iphone app and both aids report being turned up to the default volume of “41”.

The right ear is the most noticeable. When I run my fingernail over the two microphone ports on that one, the rear microphone does not seem to make much if any loud scratching noise. It makes me wonder if the rear microphone is not working on the right aid.

Anyone have any ideas how to diagnose further or how to fix if that is the issue?



To clarify, if my hearing aids have an electronic or mechanical problem, is there a way to get them repaired out of warranty? I paid under $400 for the set on ebay, so I’d like to avoid a huge investment in the repair.


Starkey will still repair. I haven’t had many repairs but they were in the $150-300 range and they normally come with a year warranty. A professional will have to submit it. The pro may find it is something they can handle in the office. You don’t have much in them. You could do any kind of repair and still be way ahead.


Change the mic covers.

Starkey aids are notorious for the mic covers clogging up, especially if you wear them when you are sweating.