Hearing aids programs prompts - tones or message

I was wondering which hearing aids have spoken messages for programs and which have tones.

I have Signia and they just have tones.

I’m interested to know everyone’s experiences! I think I’d prefer a spoken message to let me know which program I’m in.

ReSound Quatros have tones.

With Widex you can choose. You can have it say the programme type ie universal or you can have beeps.

So the first that I tried were Starkey Muse 1600 CICs; they had spoken messages for programs and battery. I don’t know what options were available on them.

My current Phonak Marvel Audéo M90s only have tones. I guess from a certain perspective tones make more sense since there’s less chance of misunderstanding vice spoken word which may be challenging. The tones have options for volume, low, medium, and high, and frequency, low, medium, and high. Mine are on Medium/Medium. (I think default is Medium/Low because I did ask my audi to turn the volume up).

Oticon can be set in the app to do so.