Hearing Aids or Cochlear Implant

I can hear fine but have some trouble understanding the high pitch sounds and sound direction though music sounds pretty bad.

Based off my audio-gram, My audiologist recommended a (Oticon) CROS on the left and (More) aid on the right, but I’m not sure if this will work for me, specifically with the sound direction. Though said my left ear was “unaidable” due to low (16%) word score.

I also was told about cochlear implant but don’t know if I’m currently a candidate .

Should I try CROS, HA(s), or get a CI evaluation…?

Any suggestions would be very helpful. Thanks

Try both.

Get an evaluation and go from there. Getting an evaluation doesn’t mean you have to go for surgery.

Your hearing is actually still quite good. Here in the UK, with that hearing loss, you wouldn’t even be able to get an evaluation (even with low word score) but other countries are different.


Welcome to the forum Steve.
I would definitely go for an evaluation for your left ear. You have nothing to lose by doing this first, and your hearing to gain if your successful. With your WRS as it is you should qualify in the US. But it’s not a given though. As Zebras said every countries requirements are different for qualifying.

Just because you go for the evaluation you don’t have to go any further at that time. I didn’t, I sat on the fence for a further 18 months after evaluation, tossing back and forth do I or don’t I… I did and my life has changed dramatically, I will be forever grateful to the inventor of the CI.

The evaluation is 2 hours of mental concentration, testing your hearing in various ways.

Good luck on your hearing journey which ever way you decide to go.

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How long has that left ear been going unaided with that hearing loss? Or have you been wearing a hearing aid on it consistently?

Reading your post and looking at your audiogram I would lean towards getting the CI evaluation.
Not sure I understand why you would consider a cross system.

The CI evaluation will answer pretty much all your questions. It should help you go in the right direction for better hearing.

Let us know.

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I actually was ‘diagnosed’ with “moderately severe” hearing loss in 2004 as a child and wore in the ear aids through middle and high school and just stopped wearing them afterward cause everything seemed to sound better naturally and I didn’t like being ‘plugged up’ all the time, and they broke. Since my hearing recently dropped further and hearing tinnitus; I was told by doctors to consider behind the ear HA or CI and I don’t know which one to go with.

Yes; I’m not sure why my local audiologist, which I’ve recently started going to after my previous retired, recommended the CROS given my level and audiogram; I’m thinking about seeing someone else.

However, even though I might or might not be on the borderline of CI requirements, and I didn’t like the surgery option, and given my HA options and the generous recommendations, I think I’ll get the evaluation, thanks

@Steve82 Any Costco near you?

You can get hearing aids on a trial basis. You can not get a CI on a trial basis.

So, I’m I correct that you have not worn anything in that ear for over a decade? If so, they may be less interested in giving you a CI. But worth the assessment, in any case.

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Possibly will get told yo go and wear hearing aids for 6 months then come back for another evaluation.

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