Hearing Aids on the Instalment Plan?

hi everyone,

I will be going to an audi soon to begin the fitting process for hearing aids.

I’m totally new to all of this, so I’m just trying to get my bearings . . .

What I’m wondering is whether or not anyone knows if it’s possible (or relatively routine) to purchase hearing aids with some money down and them pay them off gradually, while using them, over a number of subsequent, say,
monthly payments type of thing, or is that unheard of?

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No, you should be able to do that at many offices. Some will do that in office through their own billing system, while others will use a program such as Care Credit. Simply ask when you go in for your visit what the office’s policy is on installment plans.

Yes, in our offices, we use Care Credit, which is the most common.

You typically can get excellent hearing aids (pair) for about $140 a month with 11.9% interest. There are also some no interest plans, ranging from 3 months to 18 months, yet not all providers will offer 18 months, as the costs to the practice is quite high.

It is now very very common for patients to ask for such plans and, in most practices, they will offer such financing without you even asking.

Care Credit is owned by GE Money and is the number one medical financing company in America (so they told me).

They offer 11.9% fixed rate on 24-60 months. They also offer up to 18 months same as cash, although most hearing aids places don’t like to offer that, since Care Credit charges an arm and a leg for that service.


If you go to a Starkey or Audibel center you may see it called Sound Choice, which is a private label for Care Credit with the same programs.


Just be careful with hearing professionals that offer payments rather than a price. Care Credit is encouraging professionals to ‘bundle’ a hearing aid system with extended warranties, batteries, and other add ons to make more money. Always shop based on the actual price, then you can talk about financing. Just like buying a car, you never want to shop on payments.

The approval process for Care Credit is very quick. Professionals can call it in or use the software provided to get you an approval within minutes. If you are declined, they can appeal it with a quick phone call. If you have decent credit you should easily be able to finance up to $6,500 or more without difficulty.

Thanks everybody; your collective help is very much appreciated!

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I financed my America Hears aids through Care Credit on a zero interest 12 month plan. There’s even a link to apply for Care Credit from the America Hears website.