Hearing Aids On-line suggestions etc


Hello to everyone
Recently I diagnosed with left moderate+ hearing loss with extensive (I believe) tinnitus
I 'm (was actually, since I can’t hear clearly anymore) a sound engineer and I know alot about sound , frequencies etc.
After few visits to a couple of ENT with some medication in the middle problem remains.
For Sure I need a Hearing Aid. The last week I search for options locally (Athens, Greece) and on the internet
Today I visit a audiologist (you may call them whatever you like , people that sells and fit HA) and tried a Signia Pure NX5 RITE with Mild Receiver (I call it speaker , i don’t know why they call it Receiver!!)
Settings were programmed from a hearing test i did a month ago, I just say that was a initial approach to my first HA and if I decide to get one for my left ear will be more testing and programming…
Anyway that first attempt wasn’t what I was expected, it helps a little to listen my voice but did nothing to tinnitus (if they help somewhat in that area, they told me they do). Cost here is very expensive to my budget and current financial situation (~€2000, ~$2150 for a single unit on the left ear).
Anyway I searched a little bit on the net and I found few sellers on ebay sell them for 1/3 of the price, I can provide links if allowed.
I know I will need to program that by myself if I find the proper hardware and sofware (there are few post in this forum for that) but is that price gap so big?? Are those possibly counterfeits ?
Any input will help
Thanks in advance


I buy my hearing aids from eBay. I always get good deals.


Because you are a new user, I would not recommend doing it yourself. For your first set I would get a good pro, ask them a lot of questions, work with them on making adjustments, and I think you will have good results.

Sometimes, at first, the pro will not have them turned up so you will not be shocked at the new sound. You can ask if they are fully up to target.


Thanks both for your replies
Since the Budget does not allow I will ask for people’s experiences in buying, programming and using on line solutions HA.
Did you have any reputable sellers on line ?
What “Big six” brand is more easy to find the software / hardware to self programming ?


Search for PVC and click on his avatar. Links will be provided on how to do your own self programming. It’s in the DIY section.


Budget = Costco. $1600US pair.
You could also look into personal sound amplifier or over the counter type “hearing aids”.


Audicus sells Hansaton hearing aids, which are previous generation Phonak hearing aids. I haven’t bought from them so I can’t recommend, but I think it is a reasonable alternative to consider.