Hearing Aids on Jet Plane Trips

hi everybody,

I just got my hearing aids around 4 months ago and they work great.

I’m wondering if there’s anything I need to know about hearing aids and flying on a plane.

Can I just wear them right through the whole flight? Or should I not wear them during take-off and landing?

Can the hearing aids handle the cabin pressure at these times, or do they do weird things?

My ears usually hurt a little during takeoff and in-flight and then they get really uncomfortable as the descent starts.

After the flight I usually don’t hear as well as normal either, so I’m wondering if I’ll be able to hear with the hearing aids in after the flight as well as I do with them now.

Any shared experience is most appreciated!


feedback :wink:

Hearing aids conform to all flight safety regulations, so you’re fine wearing them on the plane. Heck, I did so over 30 years ago and we didn’t fall out of the sky! :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the discomfort - that’s just the difference in pressure that everyone has, I imagine. Possibly it’s exacerbated if your HAs aren’t vented or something. If it’ss worse with the HAs in during takeoffs and landings, maybe you could remove them for that brief period.

Have you tried chewing gum to alleviate pressure? Sometimes ‘yawning’ and massaging the area just behind the ear and jaw can help.

  1. Planes can be LOUD, so the benefit from aids may be low.

  2. Security searches can be efficient … so you can lose Open Fit and similar BTEs without realising.

It might be wise to carry your aids in a pocket.

I just got mine in December and returned from a trip. I wore them through security and on the flight without incident. I didn’t set off any alarms and they didn’t cause any discomfort. The engines didn’t sound louder than normal either.

Thanks everyone!

I wore them through security and on the flight without incident.

Fine. I however sell 2 or 3 replacement pairs a year due to loss at airline security.

The engines didn’t sound louder than normal either.

Thta’s the point. The engine noise is LOUD so people have to speak LOUDLY on a plane.

This can overcome the main problem of sensorineural hearing loss - over-quiet quiet sounds.

In other words, there might not be a lot of benefit from using aids in planes.