Hearing aids loosen and fall off under mask

My hearing have always not fit properly because my canals go up. I have tried custom domes and many other types. Now I have problems wearing hearing aids with a mask. They loosen and eventually come out. Has anyone found a fix for this?

What custom ear molds do you have now?
My soft silicone ear molds in the canal lock design do not move or come out. Planning to try hard lucite next in the skeleton design.

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I added cords to tie behind my head not on my ears. Might help you; I have not problem.


If you have a mask that fastens behind your ears maybe tie a short shoelace to each side of the mask straps so you can tie the shoelaces together at the back of your head. Or try gift wrap-type ribbon cut to a length where you can attach each end of the ribbon to each end of the mask strap and produce a tight fit over your face. Then slide the mask and ribbon over your head. Hope that makes sense and will help.

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Maybe attach a bungee cord of the right length and tension to the mask straps.