Hearing Aids in Qatar


I am having a very hard time finding any hearing clinics in Doha. I can get tested at the hospital, but getting hearing aids seems to be a real problem. Any solutions?

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Hi Kenmac

Try the link below, someone from that site should be able to point you to an Audiologist or hearing aid dispenser?


Qatar Cultural & Social Center For Deaf
P. O. Box: 45649
Doha- Qatar
Phone: +974 4697700
Fax: +974 4697711
Email: deafcenter_qatar@hotmail.com

Good luck, Cheers Kev:D



Hi Kenmac… sorry for bumping such an old thread (but you know what Qatar is like!)… did you ever find a good audiologist here? The testing is less important to me right now than the fitting as my hearing has been pretty much stable for years.