Hearing Aids in Movie Theaters

Movie theaters are quite loud. How do you handle this situation with respect to hearing aids? Turn them off? Turn them down? Use a particular program that has been programmed for your hearing aid?

I have my American Hears volume program set where I like them on a setting of #1 so they are fine at the movies BUT if some they start whispering I just turn up the volume. I had this issue in watching Australia in several parts.

With my profound loss, turning my aids off means I don’t hear the movie at all, no matter how loud. Leaving the aids on, means I can hear the movie, but can’t understand what’s being said. I have tried the headphones some theaters supply but they’re not loud enough. I am waiting for more theaters to have the closed caption feature.

I just wait until the Apple iTunes Store has the movie, then rent and download it to my AppleTV and watch it at home. :stuck_out_tongue:

Netflix in my case … I prefer the comfort of home, getting snacks and soda at a much more reasonable price, and being able to pause the movie if I gotta make a run to the men’s room. My wife and I haven’t been to a movie theater in years. I suggested it once and she turned down the date and suggested waiting until Netflix had it. we did

+1 on Netflix, it’s a fantastic program. I also have TiVo and I can download some movies from Netflix.

What has been interesting for me, is that up until I got my aid last Thursday, I always preferred going to the theater to see movies because the volume is pumped up. I just wanted to know what to expect with the aids.

In the last 6 months, pre-aids, I had to turn on closed captioning (not real popular with the rest of my family). For the TV to be loud enough to hear, I’ve had to have the volume level at 55 or 60. With the hearing aids I can now hear comfortably when the volume is turned up to level 15. Funny thing last Thursday, after I got home with my new hearing aids in place, I turned on the TV, which was still set to my pre-hearing aid volume and I nearly blasted myself into orbit. For the first time, I was realizing the pain I had been exacting on everyone else.

If you tell your audiologist about the problem you are experienceg they should be able to set the maximum output on the hearing aid lower so that sounds that are too loud won’t be amplified as much. This should not interfear with your ability to understand normal level conversation

For some of us, because of our type of loss, speech comprehension is terrible no matter how the volume is adjusted. We wear aids because without them we are deaf.