Hearing aids? I guess it was coming... wait, for both ears!


I know, I am hard of hearing, but I was just informed on friday, that I need hearing aids. Well the doctors words were, that he “strongly recommends that I try hearing aids.” I am scared, sad, and I just dont know what else. Maybe overwhelmed. I got Menieres and vestibular migraines, so my ears are getting in rough shape. Went from great to HOH in about a year. I have trouble understanding people, mostly in noisy places. ANd my hearing is only going to get worse. and my balance, I am surprised I can stay up right most days.

I was looking at brands websites and its all terribly laid out. Information is hard to compare.

I am still processing it all. its all hitting home. I am scared. Mostly I guess the uncertainty of my hearing loss.
How am I supposed to figure out which HAs are best suited for me?

for the price, features, and even style. Yes I want to give them some style. Kinda like glasses. I dont want to hide them or the fact I am hoh. I feel it does me and the deaf/hoh community a disservice to hide our wonderful little hearing devices. I am not ashamed to lose my hearing, just scared and not ready.

This girl needs some advice and help, and a little support would be nice. I just don’t know.


Your loss is still in the mild range so most styles of HA will be open to you. Even the really small IIC (invisible in canal) ones


You probably want something with flexibility to increase the power level if your loss will gradually get worse. I wear the Oticon OPN which has a lot of variation in power levels via the receivers. You could get colored molds if you want to show them off.

Not sure if this is true, but this article by Neil Bauman says a certain chiropractic adjustment can rid you of Meneires. I don’t have Meneires nor do I know if it’s BS, but here’s the article:


Goodness no, I am not like a lot of people, I dont want to hide my hearing loss. why do people always want you to hide it. It’s a part of who I am now. And I don’t want to hide or be ashamed of any part of who I am. I want to get a BTE and pimp it out and make it styling. Show others it is not something that is bad and be shunned. I am a lovely trans lady, so I am tired of hiding and being ashamed of who I am. And this is a part of who I am now, as I said. I proud of myself and my struggles. I am proud of getting through this last year of struggles. I am like constantly dizzy. and the hearing loss is just another part of my struggle.


Ha I wish that was true, I think my are an auto immune thing, and maybe partly allergies.


A good rule of thumb with chiropractors is just to assume it’s all BS.


If its a good chiro then they can actually help with certain pains and issues. Having your body lined up right can really help. I am a radiologic technologist. So I know anatomy pretty with and understand how the body works too. But a lot of claims can be total bs. Like it helping menieries. Unless you have something so out of wack that its blocking vestibular drainage, its not going to help. =)

But if you neck feels outta wack they can help get it back in wack.


I wonder if they aren’t referring to the Epley manuever https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Epley_maneuver
I’m doubtful about Meniere’s, but there’s pretty good evidence it helps vertigo.


Ya, maneuvers do jack to meniere’s/ vestibulr migraines. I know I have tried them a number of times, Just to be sure. And if he discovered a way to treat meneires he would be widely known and praised in the menieres groups. They would be saying go get your back cracked. Its all bull.

So I am stuck here as most people with my problem just spinning my wheels and going deaf.

I look forward to the day I dont have bad gravity. one of my coworkers jokes that I think is super funny.


One of the most accurate post ever on this forum!!


With that audiogram there certainly isn’t any need to panic! Go with the ‘apple’ glossy white and then go over to eargears they have every color you can think of. There was a lady here that had jewelry of all types hung on hers. I’m sure someone will remember the details. Do a google search lots of choices.


“We are all going deaf, Some of us are just better at it.”

Great line gamma, love it :slight_smile:


I remember all too well when I finally gave in and got one hearing aid. I’d put it off for years until my doc told me word discrimination is like any muscle, if you don’t use it you lose it. At the time my bad ear was about the same as your audiogram. I grieved having to use one, there is nothing wrong with that. Then I got one and it was so awesome not not havevto turn my good ear to the Person! Then unfortunately I got an acoustic neuroma in my good ear. Thankfully, even after radiation it’s still pretty decent, although I lost a lot in high pitched tones. After awhile I relented and agreed to use the 2nd one. Again, I grieved at the loss of my hearing and not having things just normal…my normal.

Now I am used to them. I do get frustrated at times, but not often. Mostly if it cuts out or something. I worry when I go on vacation. My angel audiologist loans me some when I do, just in case. That’s why I’m willing to pay more for a private audiologist. The care I receive is unbelievable…and free.

its been several years since I purchased mine, do unfortunately I can’t help you with the latest technology…I’ll be researching myself in a year. But I have to say the wireless ones with speech in noise are fantastic. I can go to any loud restaurant and have a conversation.