Hearing aids fall out

I am wearing Oticon Agil RITE in both ears. They work their way out when I run. I am borrowing them from audiologist until mine arrive. I am wondering if I should ask for behind the ear with earmolds. When I had a BTE a few years back it stayed put. I never ran with my last open fit because I ran in the rain alot. Any thoughts? I have a reverse slope loss in my R ear( moderate/ severe, severe loss in my L. :slight_smile: thanks, Nicky

I’d just try the RITE with earmolds, no need to switch up to the much larger BTE. But depending on the shape of your ear canals, even that may fall out when running :confused: Good luck!

Thank you. I didn’t know I could get earmolds with RITE. That is great!

I’m also a runner and when I asked my audiologist about it, she suggested I leave my HA home instead of risking losing them or damaging them with sweat/rain etc. I’m an addict of running with my ipod :slight_smile: so I doubt I’d wear them anyway(and streamer would be too annoying to carry along).

I live in the country. I need to hear dogs, bikers, and such when running. I used to run without but couldn’t hear things coming from behind, and got hit by a biker! I appreciate your input : )

You might consider buying a pair of Hearing Aid Sweat Bands to protect your HA from the sweat and rain. I live in CA so we don’t get a lot of rain but I do sweat a lot and the sweat bands have worked great! You can get them on line for $20-$23 and some Audiologist carry them as well.

Thank you. I will check it out. It sure is nice to be able to talk to folks who also have hearing loss ; )!

Hearing aids shouldn’t slip out but the ones you are wearing are loaners. Tell your audiologist the problem you are having.

I will. They also make my ears hurt when I run. The thin wire digging into the top of my ear.

The receiver is probably too short. To me, the digging into the top of the ear and the tip popping out is classic for that. When you get your pair instead of the loaners, ask for the receiver that is one size larger. That should help with the problems you are having.

Thanks a ton for all the advise. I am ready for my next apt. I made list of things to discuss with my audi.