Hearing aids - Auto Acclimation and then Real Ear Measurement (REM)

I asked if the place that will be fitting my moms hearing aids will be using real ear measurement and this is their respond. Thoughts?

“aids are initially fit with auto acclimation. At the 2-week follow-up, after she has had some experience with processing ,a real ear measurement can be done. This requires a licensed audiologist to administer the testing.”

Is this normal? To have an auto acclimation done first and then real ear measurement?

Thanks in advance.

I don’t think that you must wait until after auto acclimation is done before REM can be done. Having said that, if their process is the above, then it’s OK, too, as long as REM is ultimately done.

During acclimation, the overall volume is usually turned down anyway, then gradually increased automatically to the recommended level by the end of the acclimation period. So the fact that you don’t want to get at the full precription in the first place anyway, REM is not critical during that phase in my opinion.

I’m not sure about needing a licensed audiologist per se to have REM done. A license Hearing Instrument Specialist should be able to perform REM just the same.


Not sure what your mom’s overall health or hearing ability is, but based on my own experience of wearing aids like 30-odd years, in the final analysis it really doesn’t matter what order of tests are done to initially set up the aids and program them for the hearing loss curve.

After wearing the aids for a few days your mom will likely know what she doesn’t like about the sound quality. Maybe it’s not being able to hear well in noisy places, or wind noises, or she’s missing high frequencies or even lower ones. Maybe the aids sound tinny and flat or BOOMING. And this is where the true journey begins, cuz her audi should be a lifelong companion and techie to work with her over time, adjusting frequencies, gain and even programs for different listening environments. She may want a TV Connector to stream with a TV or laptop, and perhaps even get her aids paired with a cell phone for hands-free, stereophonic phone calls.

Thing is: the aids are RARELY EVER set to the perfect sound experience no matter what kind of tests or measurements are taken up-front. So prepare her for the reality of follow-on visits - maybe even a half dozen or more. All part of the process to achieve optimum hearing as your MOM wants it to be - not dictated by some audiogram or measurement. It’s brain + ear that equals listening pleasure and comprehension.


From the wording of the response, it sounds like they won’t be doing it themselves and expect you to arrange and pay for it on your own. You may want to ask for more clarification.