Hearing Aids As Music Earphones

See last post. This one is regarding having your hearing aids as misic earphones. Will be getting a new set of hearing aids and considering Micropowers. I know of the bluetooth stuff on the market. Pretty $$-especially if it will not produce the sound quality that regular high quality earphones do - ones that you use simply by pulling your hearing aids out and replacing with the earphones. Are there any other options to have your hearing aids serve as earphones for something like an Ipod/MP3? Seems like you should just be able to get some kind of adapter jack ind plug the right in.

Then the question is how do they sound? I do not know all of the technical specs on the hearing aids, but have read that they have ranges only to about 8500 hz, where good fidelity music earphones have up to 20K hz, and they are two completely different animals regarding music reproduction. True? Hope would have been that at about $5k+ a pop, they could do it all and not have to spend the few hundred extra bucks on good earphones.

Lastly, are there better results using and over-the-ear earphonephone with the hearing aids in? Or, removing them completely and just using the headphone/earphone alone? I have found the latter works best for me, at least with the way my current old ones are set up. If the hearing aids cannot serve as a good earphone, can anyone recommend a good ite earphone for those with hearing loss? I know companies like Shure, Etymotic Labs, Westone, and Ultimate Ears can be set with custom molds. Thanks for any input.

Unfortunately, I know of no good hearing aids for reproducing music effectively, as the frequency response of a hearing aid is from 500-6,000 hz or so, where it can effectively reproduce sound, as they are centered on the speech range only.

Thus, most audiophiles will remove their hearing aids when using good headphones or earphones.

I personall use the Shure earphones with custom tips made by www.westone.com

They work very well.