Hearing aids and rain

I am trailing a pair of Oticon Intiga 6’s and had to run out to the van in the rain and was wondering how much of a splash can an aid take?


I never use an umbrella. It doesn’t rain much in Ca. There have been 2 or 3 times when I forgot about my HA and a slight drizzle killed them after several minutes. Changing the batteries cured them in those cases. I now try to remember to take them off if it is raining.
I can’t quantify how much rain they can take. The first time it happened it was just a slight drizzle - not a “rain”. It wasn’t enouf to get my hair very wet.
Preventive pre-caution - wear a hoodie.


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If they are still working that is a good sign, however moisture will weaken the hearing aid also. Take it in soon to you HIS and have it cleaned and dried out.

It also depends on what style the instrument is and how much moisture protection it has.

Also, some people have had moisture affect the batteries until they dried out.

The Oticon Intiga’s have a microphone cover that prevents rain water from getting into the microphones (assuming you are wearing them over your ears). If you jumped into a pool however, your hearing aids are definitely not going to work unless you dried them.

True story: Let a patient borrow a demo pair of Alera 9 RICs while we waited for his hearing aids to come in.

At the fitting asked him how the demos had worked out and he said they were great, except for being really loud when he’s taking a shower. Apparently he had misheard my instructions and instead of waiting until he got out of the shower to put the aids on he had thought I told him he needed to wear them in the shower! Oops! Also worth noting that it was 2 weeks before he was able to come back in for the fitting so that’s a lot of showers the hearing aids survived.

Normally I take all the “water resistant” claims with a grain of salt, but I think in their latest generation the manufacturers may be living up to their claims on this one!

That’s funny! I’ve been caught in the rain in my Resounds and not had one stop yet. I think I’ll stay out of the shower with them though.

Yeah, the Beltone True’s (same as the Alera) come with that nanocoating process.

When they were released the rep that visited us dunked a set in a glass of water and then took them out and they still worked fine. Pretty amazing.

Huh. We have the same nanocoating at Sam’s. I’ve told people that this is what they showed on the advert, but I’d take it with a grain of salt. Learn something new every day.

I was worried about this too when I got my new hearing aids. I have kids and wanted to keep the HAs in even if we were out playing in the rain. I went with Phonak Naida IXs which are water resistant and then I bought this hat…

…I tried to post a link, but the system won’t let me since I haven’t made 15 posts or more. Go to amazon.com and search “Outdoor Research Lightstorm Bucket Rain Hat”…<O:p</O:p

The hat is waterproof, not water resistant; I verified it with the manufacturer before I purchased it. It folds up to an extremely small size when not on, and when on, the brim covers your ears a little bit. I have been in pouring rain multiple times with that hat on and have never gotten a drop of water on the hearing aids!<O:p</O:p

I’ve been wearing HAs all might life and I always use an umbrella if it’s raining. I keep an umbrella in the car and another in my home. It’s better to be safe than have to deal with an issue. I think

LOL! :smiley: That’ll teach you to give instructions to us hearing-challenged folks in writing! (Not that that will prevent every problem either!)