Hearing Aids and noise supression

I work on an aircraft (flight attendant) and the noise is amplified so much that hearing voices is very difficult. Any comments or help suggestions on this one. I’m currently using Unitron Next 16 RIC.

Crowded restaurants have been a problem for me. I just obtained Phonak YES IX’s and can report they provide great relief. The sound is natural and “magically” stands out above the background jumble.

I manually switched to “speech in noise” and realized the aids had already detected the situation and made that switch on thier own. Amazing technology!

I experienced a huge improvement with hearing speech in noise after I managed to train myself to get use to using fully occluded ear molds; these are molds that do not allow sounds to bypass them. RIC if I am not mistaken allows sounds to bypass the mold. This defeats the changes made by the hearing aid where it reduces noise in favor of speech. As far as I am concerned, my experience with using the Next 16 HA is that it has fantastic noise suppression when using the directional program with the “fixed direction” option. I have no relationship with Unitron…other than I am also a Canadian

Im not sure, but do you know if you can use Unitron remote control?

I know you can train the instrument (confort/clarity) not just for VC.
Unitron has some good aids

I do have the Unitron remote control that comes with the Unitron Next 16. The learn function on the remote only works on the YUU and higher HA product lines. It does not work with any of the Next series of HA’s. The remote is very good for being able to switch BOTH aides to T-Coil at once when you need to use the phone in noise (with occluded molds). The Comfort/Clarity for me is not a very strong feature on the Next 16. I had the lever changed from Comfort/Clarity to VC. The remote has a wheel that you can scroll to adjust the Comfort/Clarity feature. The Comfort/Clarity feature is suppose to be able to change the relationship of Speech to noise; turn it up and the sound becomes more crisp, turn it down and the speech is softer. The strong features on the Next 16 are speech clarity in noise i.e. at the default setting, feedback control is good and I also like the crisp sound of the aid in general. All of the above comments apply to my particular hearing loss characteristics.

good to hear as I am currently waiting for ear molds

Have you discussed this with your audie? I would think in flight aircraft noise would be relatively easy for noise reduction circuits to home in on. I would suggest having a dedicated program for this environment.

The Next 16 has a manual program available for Car/Plane (adjustments can be made in this program as well). Also changing CR in the lows and cutting the lows can help. Using the remote with adjustable comfort/clarity can allow the user to fine tune the balance between background noise and speech clarity. The Latitude 16 takes this a couple of steps forward and allows the user to adjust microphone directionality, speech enhancement (gain in highs), and noise reduction to find the best match in the environment they are in. I do not work for Unitron but successfully fit many of their current hearing aids…:o

Hope this information is helpful.