Hearing Aids And Headphones

Hi people!

i’m sorry for my english, i’m portuguese and it’s not that easy for me talk (or this case, write) in english.

So, it’s time to tell you my problem.

I use two hearing aids, from widex, pa-110. My hearing aids are so small that it’s not possible use t-coil tecnology. But, i’m crazy about music, and i want buy headphones. And I dit it. However, I bought one around the ear, closed. And the sound from my hearing aids was terrible, because they were blocked. Do you have any suggestion? I really need it!

I looked some specialists but no one could say anything.

I really need some help.

Thank you, and once more, sorry for my english

I have not found any over the ear headphones that work well with BTE aids. When I listen to music I use headphones without my aids. My mp3 player has an eight band equalizer which allows me to compensate somewhat for my high frequency loss. I also have a set of Sennheiser 840s cordless headphones that are designed for people who have HF loss and they work very well for me. They have adjustable high frequency boost as well as switchable compression. If you are listening to music from your home entertainment system I would suggest trying the Sennheiser.
Hope you find something that works for you as I know how frustrating it can be.

I tried Audio Technica ATH-ANC7b noise cancelling headphones recently during a flight. (A friendly passenger loaned them to me so I could try them with my bte aids - 2 x Phonak Naida UP with full ear molds).

The earphones were brilliant. I don’t know how heavy they would feel after a long period of wearing them, but the guy who owned them wore them for several hours on a long flight. He said they never feel heavy to him at all.

I haven’t purchased any as yet because I don’t fly very often and my Phonaks with Icom work pretty well. But I really liked the headphones - great sound, comfortable, and no feedback.

Perhaps you could try the headphones out at a store near you.

And your hearing aids don’t make noise because they were blocked? I think that here in Portugal there isn’t this headphone. But i am looking on philips shl9560. I put them, and my hearing aids don’t make noise, and the sound seems very good, not spectacular, but good!

IF at home and you have an equalizer in your music system, you could adjust the settings for the frequencies that need extra boosting.
If you have an iphone, someone here developed an app where you can boost particular frequencies. (I don’t use an iphone myself.) Maybe such an app exists for Androids.
I fly about 20 times a year. I just take off my HA and use a noise canceling headset. Usually sleep when on over-nite flites or watch/listen to TV on Jet Blue or Virgin America flites. VA has wifi, but I don’t pay the $10 for it. There is so much ambient noise on a plane that even w. perfect hearing you won’t get true music fidelity.

Are you getting feedback from the hearing aids? You will have to adjust how the headphones sit on your head or take out the hearing aids.

Why don’t you use a Neck Loop. You simply plug it into the output jack on your music system. Most aids have a special program to pickup the loop.

The wire loop goes around your neck and broadcasts magnetically to your hearing aids Inductive Loop Program. Ed

Hi people! Thanks for your answers!

I found the answer. Headphones back open works. I bought an philips SHL9560 and my hearing aids doesn’t beeps and I can hear music! I can hear music very low, in 25 or 30 % from maximum volum!

I use open Sennheiser headphones and never had problems with my HA :slight_smile: