Hearing aids and ear infection

I have worn hearing aids for just over a year now. Before Christmas I had trouble getting my left aid in the ear. It squealed and hurt. I went to the Audiologist and she said it was too swollen to see in. I had tried drops for ear wax but not for long. I saw my GP who tried to clear the wax with the water syringe system. He did that 2 weeks in a row. He also gave me antibiotic ear drops. I used those but no change. I then went through a course of oral antibiotics. Now I have a slightly blocked feeling and a little pain. I went back to the Audiologist last week and she cleared some wax out of the ear saying that the swelling was down. I still feel blocked and have slight pain. I am to see the Audiologist again tomorrow. I still cannot wear the left hearing aid.

Anyone have this experience? Any thoughts? :confused:

IMHO, you should see an ENT. Random oral antibiotics are at best a guess.

I am having a similar experience right now. The Friday before Christmas I had a programing session for my new Phonak Ambra aids. The Audiologist installed new slim tubes on a relatively new set of ear molds I had for my Exelias. I had not been able to wear those particular molds for more than 3 or 4 hours without irritation - but the soft molds for my Ambras were already showing wear, so I needed to give them a try.

I wore those molds for at lest 12 hours that day - and woke up with a terrible ache in my left ear Saturday morning. By the time I could see my nurse my ears were so blocked with wax she was unable to see into them. My primary care doctor prescribed peroxide drops to soften the wax, and cleaned my ears today. He found the outer canal of my left ear to be infected, and prescribed antibiotic drops and took a culture. I also have the stuffy feeling, I still feel blocked and have some pain.

My audiologist is sure the molds had nothing to do with the ear problem… I am not so sure…

I have a follow up appointment with ENT next week, for an ongoing Eustachian tube inflammation. I will bring this new issue up for sure.

It is beginning to look like an ENT appointment is a step I will have to take. I see the Audiologist again today and will take it from there. Thanks for the replies so far.

I have had the same issue. I used antibiotic drops and that helped. I have always had a issue getting my ears dry after swimming or even a shower. I did a search here Monday and a ear dryer was sugusted. I ordered one from amazon and got it Wednesday. I used it this morning and was impressed. I will look up the item but if you search amazon.com I bought a Mack’s ear dryer and payed 32.50. Two day free shipping. I hope it works. It did completely dry my ears today and I’m sure that is causing my problems.

Just as a minor point on this:

Lots of acquired infections of the EAM (external auditory meatus) - bar those based on allergic reaction - directly result from manual pathogen/prion introduction by the patient: either by drawing/scraping material from the outer EAM or via deposits on hands - household bacteria, faeces etc.

Some people are more prone to the infections than others, but the hearing aid insertion does increase both the heat and moisture retention, which promotes bacteria growth. This bacteria can be the naturally occuring yeast products on the skin or the introduced organisms (above). Anti-bacterial swabbing of devices between use and UV chambers are recommended to reduce re-infection as well as good manual hygiene practices.

I’ve had ear infections since September an 13 lots of antibiotics later and still going.

My Audi told me to put my molds in Savlon over night and my ear infections have gone.

I have been putting my molds in the Phonak cleansing tablets for years but will always use Savlon now as my molds are super clean looking now.

That’s a good option.

I’ve started offering these when people experience persistent problems:

I have never gone a night without using my dry and store since I got it about 5 years ago but for other people who haven’t got one, the one you have shown Um Bongo is a good alternate.

Think its mad how my Audi has managed to clear my infections and a doctor hasn’t! :slight_smile:

I had the same problem after shower/baths and also swimming.

I started having my showers in the evening and then go straight to bed. By morning, my ears are dry.

Swimming tho I haven’t solved, lol :stuck_out_tongue:

I would say that us a major point I hope you weren’t telling me to get the s@!? Out my ears. Ha Ha!
I have been using the ear dryer for almost a week now and a little early to jump on the band wagon but it does work. I use them so far two cycles per ear and my HA are more comfortable then they ever have been. I always had to pull the end out and itch my ear it always felt damp. I used facial tissue to dry them and still do but after the ear dryer they are dry. Like I said we will see if this is the answer to my ear infection problem but so far so good.