Hearing aids and airline audio system

I am looking for advise. I recently made a return trip Canada to
Australia. A long flight . I could NOT listen to the airline audio for movies etc., because of my hearing and wearing hearing aids. The airline headphones were useless. I tried using my ICOM plugged into the audio connection and that made the sound louder including the airplane noise. I did manage to find one movie that I could understand over the background noise.
How have others solved this problem?
I was wondering about Noise Cancelling Headphones?? Would “over the ear” or " on the ear (smaller)" work? Any recommendation as to manufactuer or model?
Please help I have another long flight coming up in May.

Assuming you can plug in a standard 3.5mm or 2.5mm headphone jack I’d generally go for a direct input lead if your hearing aid supports that. You might also need to get the program activated by the audi. Over the ear headphones tend to just end up with either feedback or low volume because the feedback protection has kicked in so hard. Direct input leads you can have it so that only stuff which comes through the cable is heard and you are blocking out external sounds and muting the hearing aid mic.

There are also options like “silent” headphones that work on the T switch, but you may find there is too much interference on the T from other airplane electronics.

Thanks for your reply. I did try a direct connect to the Phonak Icom , which transmits wirelessly to my hearing aids. As I said, there was a volume increase including aircraft engine noise. I was able to get one movie that was audible over the engine noise, so that was a small improvement. The Icom needed a recharge after the one hour movie

The reason I am considering the over the ear noise cancelling headphones is that I am able to use a headphone to listen to my TV without feedback. I was hoping someone might have experienced the same problem and would be able to tell me how they solved it.
Yours was the only reply. Do you think I am posting in the wrong place?
Thanks again