Hearing Aid without wireless

Can anyone recommend a hearing without wireless or bluetooth for a mild to moderate hearing loss?

Are there still hearing aids that don’t have wireless or bluetooth in them?

I have a Phonak Eleva in one ear and it is less than a year. I have a constant weird feeling in my head on that side above the hearing aid. I didn’t have that with my previous aid which was an older Siemens digital. I also don’t have that feeling on the other side where I have a very basic digital that has no remote control capability.


phonak una is good if your loss isn’t going to get any worse i have it and its a basic digital aid 4 programs t-coil no bluetooth tho

Aren’t Eleva and Savia only capable of receiving remote control signals, but do not send anything? Does someone know more about it?


Even if they are only receiving, they are still emitting waves.

No they don’t.

They don’t what?

The hearing aid has to be doing something. I can actually feel it in my head. I have had ear infections/sinus infections almost monthly since getting it. My vision is changing.

I am just trying to figure out a different aid that I might be able to try that will do less damage to my brain

I very much doubt that the aid is responsible.

Have you raised the topic with your doctor?

Perhaps something else needs checking out?

I have no doubt it is the aid. It lessens when I take it off and as much as possible I try not to wear it… and unfortunately I need a hearing aid.

I only realized it was the hearing aid when I borrowed a cell phone for a couple of days. The cell phone made it much worse and I got quite sick.

I researched and did find others who have vibrations and other things from their hearing aids.

Most of the stuff that is out there is about electrosensitivity, cell phones etc. When prominent neurosurgeons state on major news sources that they don’t put a cell phone next to their head, it’s not because they don’t like phones.

As far as I know Eleva and Savia do not have the capacity of creating a wireless field. Any equipment which uses battery or electricity is likely to emit something very tiny, but I doubt that being able to receive from the remote control would require much more. It could probably be checked from Phonak.


Busymom, if the receiving capability of your hearing aid worries you, here’s what you can do. There’s a checkbox “Maximize battery life (Remote Control cannot be used” in the fitting software. Have that one clicked, and then the aid is no longer using any energy for that, and you don’t need to worry about it.