Hearing aid white noise

I have been told over and over that the reason I can hear white noise in my hearing aid is because of the power needed for the bottom of the cookie bite vs my hearing ability in high frequencies. I accepted that till I came across this in a search:

Basically the page is about someone saying there is white noise on a Naida and they were told it was just because of the high gain on the aid. Same story, right? Well, I don’t have anything like the power of a Naida yet still I am listening to white noise and whirring all day long. I dread to ask them again as they will just keep telling me again that it’s just how it is, been told by 2 audis and the Siemens rep. They could theoretically swap my hearing aid on me since they are NHS aids, then I’d be right in it since the other one is worse than useless. But if they can eliminate the white noise on a Superpower aid then they should be able to get a clean signal on a Moderate, surely?

I also thought this was the reason why fitting ranges tend to have a slope down in the HF, so that you had to have that bit missing in order not to hear the noise of the hearing aid. Now I am not so sure! If not, then why the slope in fitting ranges? I often find I struggle to get mid-range power to suit because the HF numbers are too low, and it eliminates a lot of hearing aids, pretty well the whole offering from Oticon, so glad I don’t live in an Oticon area!

My Starkeys, which are not the Power version (mine uses size 13 batteries) have absolutely no white noise at all. I actually found it a bid disconcerting at first because I was kinda used to it.